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Cutting Edge Contemporary Design

Kabu Design Architects company mission is to embark on architecture that is contextual to our South African landscape, yet enhancing the design edge with creative and unique work. This being achieved through excellence as a hallmark for all that we stand for.

Our firm also hopes to create and develop a currently non-existent spatial understanding of African dwellings. This being a modern and contemporary structure engineered to imbue our past as Africans, our rich inheritance, lush vegetation and modern influences appropriately contextualized.

Furthermore, we endeavour to meet our clients’ needs timeously and appropriately within the set budget constraints which we understand are integral in the process of building, renovating and upgrading one’s home.

Finally, we are interested in architecture as whole. We understand that the industry is constantly evolving as is common in all spheres of design. It is for this reason that we aim to entrench ourselves within the South African architectural landscape exploring all aspects including residential, commercial, and social initiatives.

As designers of places of dwelling for all humanities needs we aim not just for excellence but to transcend design theory through constant practice, growth and initiative.


We at Kabu Design Architects pride ourselves on our work. Regardless of the size of the project we work to get results for our client whether individual, commercial or social responsibility. Everything we do we strive to do well.


As a young firm we are coming into our own in the commercial sphere of our work. Having broken ground on a few good projects, working with companies like Eskom, Akhona Broll & The University Of Johannesburg.

Social Engagement with Education and Research


Professional Affiliations and Collaborations

Company professional registered with SACAP and affiliated with CIFA


Some of the latest videos and publications featuring Kabu Design Architects


Upcoming app for all our clients in a digital world

Top Estates

Below are some of the top estates we have worked on in South Africa