Kabu Design Architects | Waterfall
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Century Development

Waterfall Country Lifestyle Village; set in the heart of Johannesburg’s choice of suburbs is an affiliation we at Kabu Design Architects are proud to have. Out of many applicants we are one of the approved architects for the entire estate which spans 640-hectares of prime city property.

Beautifully set between the bustling city of Johannesburg and the serenity of country living, Kabu Design Architects is enthused to bring our existing and prospective clients executive homes, which capture individual requirements while taking into consideration the space and natural splendour which so effortlessly surrounds this estate.

Our Footprint

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Stand 1189
Stand 2436
Stand 1879
Stand 1166
Stand 3692
Stand 3806
Stand 3689
Stand 3738
Stand 3775
Stand 2558
Stand 3797
Stand 2510
Stand 1176
Stand 1912
Stand 1958
Stand 3731
Stand 2967
Stand 2953
Stand 1802
Stand 3710
Stand 877
Stand 2599
Stand 881