Kabu Design Architects | Community
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Community Projects

After all is said and done and even before this fact it is important to recognize and give to those in need of our giving. “I am what I am because of who we all are.” A philosophy that is as natural to us at Kabu Design Architects as is designing African spaces.

Design, art & life become so much richer and better expressed; when we extend ourselves in the direction of the service of others. Because we value what it means to give back. Having partnered with FNB as a volunteer and with Buyani Trust; and collaborating with big business in an effort to make the lives of our fellow South Africans a little better. Therefore, community business is our way of thanking and showing that the correct synergies can manifest a multitude of gratitude.

Concept Design and Information

This is how we start a project. We take your vision, put it on paper, gather the information of the area and use all this as our starting point.

Matlaisane High School is a pride project. This school was seriously underdeveloped and with the help of our partners we not only developed this amazing school but one of the matriculating students of 2013 is now registered with the University of Tshwane to study Architecture.

Buyani School is another community project which gives us great pride. A good school in an underprivileged community will help change the lives of a generation and reverse the effects of poverty by educating the youth and empowering a generation.

Building a school is building a nation. And we take our community work seriously. Every school and every social outreach program is our way of producing Architecture that cares.

The Edusci math lab is an initiative that aims to create a generation that loves maths and science. We hope that within the walls of this building we will produce the prodigies who will one day change our world for the better.

Designing a structure that feeds children and provides shelter while they eat.