Kabu Design Architects | About The Team
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About The Team

Founded by Buhle Mathole, Kabu Design Architects it’s established its vision in 2007. With a full time leap in 2009 we are a young firm with a hallmark of excellence and a deep sense of pride in our African heritage. Additionally, as a BBBEE level one contributor we are proud to be able to function within the South African economic landscape. We are also registered with SACAP (South African Council For The Architectural Profession); SAIA (South African Institute Of Architects) and GIFA (Gauteng Institute For Architecture).

We believe in team work and everyone doing what they excel in.

Input from team members is valuable and we encourage distinction so that each team member understands their individual role in this small but dynamic team.

We then also form synergies without losing our identity in order to explore opportunities within the market place.

Assisting smaller firms we focus on students and university work since this is the back bone of the architectural industry. This keeps us cognisant of our roots while helping to entrench a sense of growth for the business and for those we take under our wing.

Concept Design and Information

This is how we start a project. We take your vision, put it on paper, gather the information of the area and use all this as our starting point.

Concept Design and Information

At this stage we will present you with a visual of your design. This phase is truly exciting!

Technical Layouts

This helps us get your project from paper to something tangible. We issue these layouts to fellow professionals involved in your project to ensure that all specifications are adhered to.


We will then connect you with the professional services of a running service that will ensure that your plans are given the go ahead by the relevant municipality. We assist in all municipalities.

Site supervision

A value added service to ensure that the vision we all share is built to rigorous standards into something we can all be proud of.